Friday, October 3, 2008



Some of us never really get the chance to experience true love... Well my Kaleb did, he felt the true love of God, which is that special unbreakable bond.. He knew God, and loved God with all of his heart. Not only did he have a love for God, he loved his diane with every he had.... It seems so unreal to me that they will never get to experience things like getting married, having their first child, building their first house.. Has it really already been 26 days?? I guess the purpose of this blog is to not only share and express my emotions as a grieving tool, but Kaleb I want you to know that, YOU are so loved, by so many... I promise I will look after Heather and Kari.. Anything they need i will do.. I can never replace the love they had for their special friend and brother, but i can try and be comfort for them. And above all, Kaleb, I want you to please know that I was honored to know you, and to love you, and to spend all the years growing up around you. You were a joy to my life.... I will never forget you... =( As hard as this has been, I am learning that the statement God works in mysterious ways is true, you cant always see why god took a loved one from you, you dont always understand, and sometimes its easy to get angry and to blame, and to ask what if, or why did it happen this way, it wasn't supposed to be like this... But the sad truth and unreal reality is, IT DID HAPPEN, IT IS THIS WAY, THEY ARE GONE, and as hard as it is for me to accept and truly comprehend this, i am trying, and i do know that because of this, it has brought me closer to God... Kaleb left his family knowing that when he died, he went to heaven, there is no doubt or wondering where he is.. We all know, and we know with a peace of mind, that IF and ONLY IF we trust God as our savior and we worship and give ourself to him, we can see our sweet Kaleb once again.. And you can then look at it as,,, he didn't die... He only got to the greatest place in the universe a little faster than the rest of us... It wasn't goodbye,, it was see ya later... Thats the peace of mind that i have, and i just wanted to share that with you.. Even if you didn't know Kaleb if you are grieving over loosing someone you cared about maybe this can help you.. My only hope, and the truth that keeps me going, is that soon one day, I WILL SEE MY KALEB AGAIN!!

Luv you goober....
britt britt!!!

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