Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Facts of My Life

Hey ladies..

Do you guys remember the Facts of Life, well I sure do.. I remember growing up watching it with my good friend Michelle, we loved that show.. Well anyways Lisa Whelchel who played on the show is now a speaker, and she is speaking at North Jacksonville Baptist Church on May 8 at 7 pm. They say she is a wonderful speaker and has some great tips for us womem, because you know we need it. From what I know that night will be a great night to fellowship with other women hear a great speaker, and what better than dessert afterwards.. :)

If any of you ladies want to go, let me know.. I am going for sure, there is already a group of us going.. You are more than welcome to join in..

It's only $5 per lady..


Go to www.njbc.org to see more!


AmyT said...

I loved the facts of life!!

Abbi said...

omg...i loved that show!!
that's cool!