Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kindness does matter!

Today's world is so advanced in regards to technology that it just amazes me sometimes. The fact that I can unlock my car with my keys in the bottom of my purse still befuddles me. Things come so easily that you once had to work for. I was thinking yesterday as I was mowing part of our property for Michael that I can't imagine the days when folks walked behind horses plowing hundreds of acreage just so they could feed their family. Sometimes we take riding around in a air conditioned John Deere with radio for granite.

It's very easy to get caught up in communicating electronically in this age rather than "reaching" out to people and having a real relationship with them. Now don't get me wrong I am just as guilty as anyone for this. However, I am the gal who a hand written card means more than $100 bucks to Ulta, that's just me and I have always felt that way... I love the simple way of life but don't get me wrong I can't imagine typing this blog on anything other than my MacBook Pro... 2013 has it's positives but sooo many negatives.

I really found myself thinking last night, What have I done to deserve the people in my life that surround me and encourage me through times of sorrow. I feel less than worthy of the kind words and expression of grief that friends and family are feeling for me and with me.

Over the past week I have received a card in the mail almost every day and sometimes two a day. If you could be there when I open them you would see the biggest smile from ear to ear because to me there is nothing like opening up a piece of mail and reading words that someone took time out of their busy electronic life to let me know I was on their mind. I even got two cards from people that I don't know and have never met. To those of you that have sent us a card, THANK YOU... THANK YOU... THANK YOU... It has brought me happiness and made my heart smile which is more than I could ever repay you for.

I also received a VERY SPECIAL PACKAGE in the mail yesterday... Something that brought tears to my eyes as soon as I opened it... I even held it in my hand last night while watching a movie... Instead of explaining it to you, I will show you pictures :)

Mrs. Kathy-

I can't even begin to explain to you what this gift means to me. Although I will always carry sweet Noah in my heart forever, last night I felt like I was actually able to hold onto something and cling to it. My arms have truly been aching for the past 17 days since I held him for the first and last time and last night when I held that heart in my hands they quit. You are such a blessing to me and I am so thankful for Carly bringing us together in all of her sweetness. God's plans is so much bigger than us... ALL MY LOVE!!!

Now there are a few more people that I owe special thanks too, I truly believe I could be in a very dark place if it wasn't for all the folks who were there for me to get me through this dark time. Not that I am 100% healed and my heart feels whole again but every persons act of compassion has helped me take one more step closer to feeling some type of happiness and healing.

My work family- You have been amazing... From flowers, to clothes, to cards, to daily texts and phone calls to check on me, to visits, to dinners- THANK YOU. I needed this time to recover and find peace with what happened and I could never repay you for that time you allowed me.

Chad with Etched Impressions- Thank you so much for making Noah's Headstone. We love it and I will post pics on my next blog of Noah's perfect peaceful resting place.

Ellis with Callahan Funeral Home- Thank you for taking sweet care of my little boy before we buried him. You were so kind and caring.

Terri with Callahan Flowers and More- His arrangement was beautiful, it was everything I imagined and I couldn't have asked for more.

The Aspinwalls- The Cross was beautiful, THANK YOU...

Lastly- My family... If I even begin to thank each of you individually then this would be the worlds longest blog :) You know I love you and I really couldn't have done all of this without you.

Now I must go and get ready to celebrate some good ole football... GOOO DAWGS :)

Until next time..

XOXO Brittany!

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