Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gather Prayer Warriors

Please please read this blog... I ask that wherever you may be to fall to your knees and pray to God for baby Stellan.. If you are at home go to prayer now, if you are at work take a bathroom break, we all must pray for this baby. This sweet baby needs our prayers more than anything right now, and you would want the same from friends if it was your baby boy in the spotlight of sickness. Pray for God to heal this baby boy, for God to bring peace to his scared mother, and father, to comfort them in this time of need, and mostly for his will to be done, whatever it may be. JUST PRAY is all I ask...

Click here to read baby Stellan's story.

Prayers for Stellan

Please pass this around, Baby Stellan need's all the prayers he can get.



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Abbi said...

we're praying for baby stellan!!