Monday, March 2, 2009

This Monday is

better than last Monday.

Last Monday was a pretty rough day for me, I was feeling the baby blues, but thanks to all of your encouraging words, I made it through another week...

Thank you to each and every single one of you who sent me encouraging words and prayers.

This Monday started off quite slow, and to be honest I didn't want to get out of bed. Do you ever have those morning where you would give anything to sleep just another 5 minutes. My first alarm went off at 6:10, now keep in mind my alarm is on my cellphone, so I got up, turned it off and brought my phone back to bed, knowing my next alarm would go off at 6:40, so I would sleep another 30 minutes. It felt like as soon as I layed back down and closed my eyes the next alarm went off, this went on for another hour until I heard Michael say, BRITTANY, its 7:40, why did you let me sleep that late. Ha ha,, I would of done anything to just stay in the bed for the rest of the day! What amazes me, is I had absolutely NOTHING to do Saturday morning and my plans were to sleep in, no work, why not catch up on some sleep, well it never fails when I have nothing to do, my body wont let me sleep I was up, bright and early, ready to go at 7 am.. Of course.. lol.

Although, I must say the day is carrying forward pretty fast, its already lunch time, and soon it will be quitting time. I am excited tonight, Jaime and I are going to the gym for the first time.. This should be interesting, haha!! I will be sure to update you.

Weekend Recap:

Plans changes Saturday, the AM session was cancelled and instead of going to the Monster Jam with Christina and Amy I ended up going with Michael and his family. We had AMAZING SEATS, right up front, and I have a ton of great pics I was able to take.. I will post a few of them tonight hopefully!

Sunday was a all day session, We started in Fernandina with my good friend Mallory and her sweet baby girl and husband, she is expecting her 2nd child very soon. Then we headed to the park to photograph another sweet little girl. I will have some of their pictures posted soon for you to see. I must say they were all much braver than I was, it was FREEZING cold with the winds whipping at hurricane strength, or alteast thats what it felt like to me!!

I hope everyone has a great week..

What did you do this weekend???


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AmyT said...

Glad today is going better!! We were there Saturday around 12:30ish - went in the pits - got tons of pics too...I'm going to try to post mine tonight. We had great seats too...first section (west side) was a lot of fun!!! We ended up grilling in the parking was great!