Wednesday, July 8, 2009


After speaking with my cousin about some issues I am facing I came home to find this amazingly sweet letter,, I love you Pam!!

After our conversation, God impressed thsi upon my heart.. so I began to write.
I'm so thankful for a wonderful cousin, but also a great friend! Britt, you are amazing in so many ways, talented, beautiful, unselfish, and have always placed others first. I love you for your heart for The Lord and how you are growing in Him daily. Your photography is a true talent, and I know as you grow into a wonderful help mate for your husband God is truly pleased. There is no better "job title" than to be that wife, best friend, and help mate. He will open the occupation doors He wants for you, continue to have patience, as taking just "any" job may not be HIS will. The Will, in which you want to follow.I know you are praying about what God wants you to be, whether its photography ( making people smile and developing their life story through memories) or a Nurse ( where you are truly helping others hands on... saving precious lives). As I have told you before you can do both.. It would be wonderful to help bring a life into this world, then offer as a gift photographs of the newborn. Or as an elderly patient is receiving visitors, as our grandparents did, capturing those sweet moments to give as a token of memories. You WILL go far in any endeavor, because you will be answering God's call on your life. Not just "settling"...
I am thankful for family that is honest and trustworthy and I know sticks closer than "a brother" as in Proverbs. You unselfishly give of your time and talents, because you truly love people and are a Woman after God's own heart. Having you as a cousin is a blessing, but having your friendship is priceless. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and always being there for me, with love, honesty, and support. You, along with Josh, Heather, Kari, Sissy, and Kaleb, Eddie and Angel have given me a childhood full of laughter and memories, tears and hugs, bickering and apologies, and most of all a lifetime of love and support. Even though we are over a thousand miles away, when I come home it is as if I have never left. I know right now you are going through some "growing pains", as many of us do - but I am always and will forever be a phone call or flight away.
My childhood was wonderful growing up with all of my cousins and brother, playing cards, making fun of M-M,truck rides to the end of the road while Easter eggs were hid,having to wait till everyone opened their gift which we knew what it was anyway before another could be passed out.. all the QVC boxes, making RUM cake and then hiding the Rum from M-M, traditional bunny cakes, and buttermilk pies, riding 4-wheelers till it ran out of gas, the Kaboda (sp) till the battery died, then we opted for the BUG.. you giving my son the memory of a life time.. "Burning Ring of Fire".., more playing cards, WIPING OUR FEET, Maggie Doodle, your 1st color job on my very brown hair.. which turned out pretty good..:) playing spoons, which caused Tyler to jump across the table, still sitting at the kids table after we were out of high school, having M-M whistle at a waitress clear across a restaurant, and many other priceless experiences I would NOT trade for the world. You, Heather, and Kari are the BEST cousins a girl could every have...Josh, Sam, and Angel. prayers, and I MISS Kaleb everyday! I'm thankful Eddie has a wonderful family, but I miss all of our times together.
During the darkest time of my life you all were there, Sissy leading the way. I will never forget that and am forever indebted. You all being by my side as I endured indescribable heart ache and pain ( the 2 events in my life you know do not need mentioning) Then as we brought Tyler into this world 2mths early and all of you watching over him like hawks...helping him grow and be molded into the Godly young man he is today!
God has a Master Plan, we can't even fathom to understand, but He does, and I am so proud you are following Him, giving your entire life, marriage, career, friends, and future to HIM, for He knows what is best. Pray for those areas in your life that are confusing and uncertain and know HE WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU! Family WILL always be here, jobs come and go, friends as well, but NO MATTER the miles or time between visits family is always here!
Thank you my Britt for being a great cousin and a wonderful friend whom I love dearly. :)

To Sissy, Heather, and Kari - THANK YOU for being everything I could ever ask for in family..sisters, and friends.


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