Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sha Sha Shuffle

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So today I bring you a very interesting blog.

The object is to take your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, you get the drift and put it on shuffle! If you don't have any of those items you can even use the music library on your computer and place it on shuffle...

ipod Pictures, Images and Photos

This will really teach you more about each other, being able to see the kind of music they listen to.

List the 30 first songs... Don't skip past the embarrassing ones, this is for fun.. Who cares!

Now my list would probably be more interesting if I had my iPod but it's at home, so I just going to do what's on my iPhone, which I use the most anyway..

Here goes.

1. New City Lions- Vampires (MY BROTHERS BAND, WHOOP WHOOP)
2. Robert Pattinson- Let me Sign
3. The Eagles- Busy being fabulous
4. The Flaming Lips- Do you realize
5. Lit- Miserable
6. Marcy Playground- Sex and Candy (haha that's a oldie)
7. Oar- Shattered
8. Fischer Spooner- Never Win
9. Bob Marley- Corner Stone
9. Sublime- Smoking 2 Joints (haha, ignore that)
10. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Cat and Mouse
11. From Autumn to Ashes- The Fiction we live
12. Dashboard Confessional- Screaming Infidelities
13. Hawthorne Heights- Dissolve and Decay
14. Blue Foundation- Eyes on fire
15. The honorary Title- Revealing to much
16. Iron and wine- Flightless Bird
17. Mayday Parade- Just say you're not that into it
18. Spill Canvas- So much
19. All Time Low- Dear Maria Count Me In
20. Cold Play- Viva La Vida
21. Shwayze- Buzzin
22. The Postal Service- Nothing Better
23. New Found Glory- Forget Everything
24. Angels and Airwaves- Take the stairs
25. Jack Johnson- Do you remember
26. Boys Like Girls- Thunder
26. The Beatles- Hard days night
27. Weezer- The damage in your heart
28. Seether- Fake It
29. Vast- Don't Take Your Love Away
30. Jason Mraz- Geek in the pink

Now pick you favorite song off the list.

1. Ooh this is going to be hard to choose, each song takes me back to a place in my life... Hum... I really don't know... I guess If I can only pick one it will be Dashboard Confessional- Screaming Infidelities, that's always been a #1 of mine...

Now I tag...

1. Abbi
2. Amy T
3. Jaime
4. Jennifer
5. Kati

Have fun y'all,, and any one is welcome to do this tag as well...

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