Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When will it end?

I have been absent from the blog world lately because to be honest I have been quite numb, and when I am numb how can I blog about my feelings when they are on mute.

My weekly recap starting on Father's Day.

Sunday- (Father's Day) I was sitting at Dad's when I got a text stating Mrs. Donna has passed away, I still don't know if I am ready to talk about this, I really don't know what to say, {{{Why, Is it true, This can't be real, Not fair, Unjust,}}} these are just a few things that run thru my mind when thinking about her passing.

Monday- Michael's Uncle Tommy took his last breath, now I wasn't very close to Uncle Tommy, I had only met him a few times, but he was a all around nice guy, and it was my mother in laws last brother to pass, which was upsetting for me, because I felt her pain, although I didn't really feel her grief and I don't know how it TRULY feels to loose a brother, I just felt sorrow, and pain for her, I can't imagine.

Tuesday- Down Day

Wednesday- Uncle Tommy's viewing

Thursday- Uncle Tommy's Funeral, Mrs. Donna's viewing

Friday- Mrs. Donna's Funeral, Which I barely made it thru, I found myself exploding in tears trying to keep quiet, especially when I seen Mr. Troy start crying, my heart was breaking for them, Have you ever felt someone's pain because it was so intense, and when Mrs. Donna's sweet beautiful voice was singing, and I knew it may be the last time I would hear her, *tears* I am going to move on, before I have to stop blogging again!

Friday Night- Just when I thought it was time to begin the healing process, I got a phone call, Big Daddy "Billy" passed away from a massive heart attack.

Saturday- I spent the day resting, emotionally I was worn down.

Sunday- I spent the day with the Lord, praising him for everything I have, and enjoying some much need time with my husband.

Monday- A new week, a new day, 6:15 pm, phone call from my uncle, Mr. Craig had passed away this evening.

My heart hit the floor, my mind was spinning,

Is this really happening, can this many people pass away in one week, and on top of that upstanding men and women of God, people who have touched thousands of lives, people who are way to young, and full of life still?

I still don't know if I have the right words for this, how can I blog about a person that was indescribable, nothing I can type or say with honor them the way they should be honored.

Mrs. Donna-
You have changed many life's and led many lost souls to the Lord, Word's will never express how thankful I am to have known you and shared many memories with you. You were responsible for 2 young and handsome boys who have blossomed into amazing young men. Derrick and Josh have already begin to touch so many people and I know they have great things in store for them. I love you Mrs. Donna, and I can't wait to be by your side with the king of kings, and prince of peace, the almighty, God.

Uncle Tommy,
Although I didn't know you very well, I knew about you, and from what I know you were a awesome husband, loving dad, and unforgettable brother. You have made your family proud, they love you and miss you terribly....

Big Daddy,
Oh big daddy, so many good times, so many memories, I laugh when I hear your name or think about you, I will never forget all of the 4-wheeler rides, nights at tera and billy's, the SWIMMING POOL, you are going to be missed by so many. You are the example of living and enjoying life while you still can.

Mr. Craig,
You have left behind the sweetest wife, and together while on this earth you touched so many and helped many come to know your father, God. I am glad to know that you will be waiting for Mrs. Paula, and she will be rejoined with you one sweet day.

I know that my word's haven't put a dent into what these people meant to me and many others.

I do know that this my friends, is WORTH REPEATING, and i hope you do the same and blog about what I am fixing to tell you, Jennifer over at the day's ill remember, blogged about knowing god, you can read he blog titled battle.

now it's my turn,

I have the sweetest, loving, caring, flesh father, my sweet daddy, i do love him dearly, but let me tell you, my spiritual father, is everything to me, words to not begin to explain him to you, he is always there, always loving, and always helping me get through hard times, he loves me no matter what, and he loves you the same way to.

Life is so short, and if you are reading this you are LUCKY to be alive still, and my prayer for you is that you know the same God I do, I want all of you to know that when you die, tonight, tomorrow, thursday that you are going to Heaven, as a friend said earlier this week, nothing on this earth is worth my spot in heaven, Please take this to heart and live it.

and if you are a believer and you share the same God that I do, repost this, I promise someone that reads your blog doesnt know the way and truth of life, help and brother and sister out.

I love you all, and I am continue to pray for the families experiencing a loss.

Praying, Praying, Praying, is the way of my life, it can be your's to.

Always here for you,


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Alicia W. said...

You poor sweet thing! I'm so sorry to hear about all your losses in one given week. It just breaks my heart to even think about it. I'm praying for you and all those family members and friends that lost that special someone.