Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today marks exactly one year ago Dean and Jaime were blessed with Zane & his cute little red head! Things are so different now than they were 1 year ago,,, Its truly amazing how much things can change in just one year, I can't help but sit and think about how I felt that day, I was sooo happy and excited for them, and I can't wait for my turn, One sweet day!

Happy Birthday Zane, I hope you have a wonderful day today and many more birthdays to come!

This is the blog I wrote 1 year ago today...

Which by the way makes me realize I missed my 1 year blogger anniversary, lol....

I had to go back and see where it all started and it took place on November 10, 2008, My first blog it was a hard time for me,,, I was in the middle of trying to figure out what I wanted, and where Michael and I were going in life, I thought then that for sure Michael and I would be holding our first child at least within a year from that first blog, but God had other plans for us, and I look back now and thank him for what he has done, I wasn't ready, I watched a close friend of mine become a mother and realized I wasn't quite ready to give up myself yet, Not that I wouldn't have in a heart beat but I enjoy that I can drop what I am doing and go play with my photography friends and be who I want everyday of the week, without a kid to worry about! I know that one day that time will come, no a minute soon than God intends! I am a different person today than I was 1 year ago and I am so thankful for the way my life has changed and very proud of the person I have become, like I said before it amazes me how much things can change in just one year... So heres to the celebration of 2 birthday...

HAPPY BLOGGER BDAY, Although it was 9 days ago :) :) :)

I hope everyone is ready for thanksgiving dinner, I know I am!


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