Thursday, January 29, 2009

I encourage you

I totally convinced my mom to join the blogging world.. I told her its unexplainable how blogging can make you see things in a totally different perspective after you re-read what you have wrote. You know what I mean.. For me blogging is a way to express your feelings, talk about something you can't seem to find the words for, ask for advice, complain, VENT, share what's new in your life, and most of all tell your story. I know not all of you know what it's like to deal with infertility but it's well worth it to humble myself and tell my story and my journey if it has helped just one lost soul in this confusing busy world. I encourage you to read my Mom's blog as she records her journey in this universe, she is a strong women full of wisdom and insight, and has a way with words like no other, (well besides Jenn Higg, our own little Callahan story teller, lol luv ya girl)... But check it out as she tells her journey through divorce and living as a divorced mother..

I have some exciting news to share, I have applied to become a member or the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation, it's a foundation throughout the United States, that supplies photographer's for families who have still born children. You go in and take portraits, like new born portraits, for the parent's so that they will have something left of their precious bundle of joy they most give away. They carry their child for 9 months just to hold that precious baby and then let God has it back. I can't imagine the pain that would bring a mother and father, I just can't even grasp my mind around the though, but it happens more than we acknowledge, actually 1 in every 200 pregnancies it happens. If I could even begin to help ease a fraction of the pain by providing my photography service I am honored. I hope and pray that the foundation can find a way to let me volunteer. Check it out, I think it's an amazing opportunity... Here's a little more info about it, incase if any of my fellow photography friends are interested..

Pregnancy: The state of being with child. [British Medical Dictionary] The beginning of a parent's hopes and dreams. The anticipation of the pitter patter of tiny little feet. A family being born unto each other. No parent ever expects their dream to shatter. But sadly, sometimes this dream can turn into a nightmare.

Each year nearly 3.3 million babies are stillborn, and more than 4 million others die within 28 days of coming into the world. [World Health Organization] With advanced medical technology, it is a parents expectation that those born unto us will out live us. When a baby dies, it is outside the natural order of life and families are left devastated and forever changed.

Every living being instinctually knows how to grieve. It is learning how to heal, that some need help with. Offering gentle and beautiful photography services in a compassionate and sensitive manner is the heart of the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation.

Remembrance Photography is a very important step in this healing process. Photographs are one of the most precious and tangible mementos that a parent can have, showing the love and bond that was given and shared with their baby. These portraits will last for generations, and will honor and remember a tiny life that is forever loved and cherished.

On a lighter note, I hope you are all having a great week, and I am sure you are looking forward to your weekends as much as I.. Well as much as me and Jaime are.. I know we are both super hyped about a Bridal Session we are doing on Saturday.. WE CANT WAIT.. I look forward to sharing those pictures with you... (Sorry for all the phone calls Jaime, :) I can't help it when my creative juices start flowing.. )

Before I forget, =) Thank you Jenn and Kati for my awards.. I was thrilled to receive 4 awards last week.. How awesome.. I enjoy everyone of your blogs, and can't wait to see where 2009 takes us all..

Speaking of 2009, I am praying for the safe arrival of Little Tucker, and for My friend Shelley and Katherine's child, they are both unsure of what they are having currently...

I have a praise today, It's look's like baby Maddox is doing much better, That's a answered prayer. Praise the Lord.. (He was in the hospital with an infection and on oxygen earlier this week, this is Lindsay Oneal Brooks baby boy, the one who was in the infant christmas portraits..) Thank you for all the prayers..

I have some prayer requests as well, I am praying for my grandmother this week, that she stays well, she is doing GREAT right now, and also Josh and Becca Monds, they are pregnant and things arent looking to great for them, I am not sure of all the details but they have already lost a child due to some type of infection I believe and it may happen again, so I am praying that God with comfort them in this time of need and have his way, and whatever it may be, that they will be surrounded around his peace and see him through this time of hurt.

Please keep all these people in your hearts and prayers.. It's much appreciated.

Night Loves...



Jaime said...

I keep thinking of volunteering too... I don't know that I would be strong enough... it's something that I've had in the back of my mind for almost a year now.. I seen another photographer would does it.

lol! I'm def just as excited as you... although I'm sure it's hard to tell when I'm trying to talk to you and Zane is screaming in my ear or in the next room! lol! Can't wait till Saturday... photography time, girl time... away from screaming baby time, hahaha! You can keep the phone calls coming... you know I don't mind. :)

I kept forgetting to tell you today.. lol, over the 50 conversations we had, that I'm almost done with the last book *sigh* I'm so sad that it's about to end!!!

Glad to hear Maddox is better!!! Praying for everyone.

AmyT said...

glad your mom is blogging - that is great...I LOVE it!! That is pretty awesome what you're doing!! Glad Maddox is better - I'll be praying for you guys!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

Never thought of myself as a story teller, LOL! :) I've been lacking in the blog world lately... it's been a very low key week for once! :) Thank you for your kind words yet again.

Good for you for signing up with now I lay me down to sleep. May God give you the strength to keep it up and may other's find peace in the images you capture. Good luck!