Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seis Mas Dias

6 more days until I am reunited with my heart... So last night was okay, different but ok.. Carries company definitely helped me get through the night... I spoke with Michael a few minutes this morning and they were not quite there yet,, could you imagine, 24 hours strait of driving, no sleep, only stopping for bathroom breaks and food.. What determination a man has when it comes to hunting. I was lazy this morning, laying around with Dixie while carrie caught up on her beauty sleep. Then I went to my moms and we decorated her christmas tree, then she came to my house with me and we decorated my tree.. It's so perfect,, I love it... I wasnt going to do a tree but with Michael being gone, I wanted to take the extra time and put one together. I am so glad I did though.. Then we watched sisterhood of the traveling pants number 2,, a tradition of ours.. I am still sick, and starting to feel worse and worse as the hours go by!! Nite nite!!

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Jennifer said...

Pretty tree!! I'm glad to finally have ours up, along with a few lights outside.

The weekend will be here before you know it... be patient. And if you don't start feeling better, get to the doctor woman! :) Have a great day.