Saturday, November 29, 2008

Only crazy people

go shopping on black friday, and this year I decided to join in. Michael was up and at it very early this morning, around 5 am, rushing around the house preparing for his journey with the guys. As I quietly climbed out of bed, I felt my heart beginning to ache, I new this was the day, I felt sick to my stomach but I was going to be strong, STRONG for him since I knew he already had doubts about leaving me. I kissed him, and gave him the huge hug saying, I love you baby, come back home to me, I'll be waiting for you. =) Last night we did our nightly devotional and what a great story it was, about a couple to made it their goal to never leave each others sight without knowing they loved each other. One morning on the wifes birthday the husband left her a note saying how much he loved and appreciated her, as he slipped out the door to head to work, trying not to wake her, she heard the sound of this car crank up, so she threw on her house coat, rushing out the door and caught his attention, signaling for him to wait, he rolled down the car window and she leaned in saying i love you, with a big kiss, and he smiled and told her the same. That day her husband, her love, was taken from her, his life was claimed in a car accident on the way home from work. She was asked years later how she was doing, and how shes survived the loss of her husband and she said, our last words to each other was, I LOVE YOU. It was such a reminder of how you may not ever see that person again, and to make sure you cherish every moment spend with one another. It made me really respect my husband, and I knew last night this week wouldnt be easy for me. So after watching my hubby pull out of the drive, I felt the tears streaming down my face, but I knew it would be ok. I got a shower, threw on some clothes, and rushed to callahan to meet my aunt and uncle at the Hardees for some grub. After breakfast we headed out for a day full of shopping. We hit up, hobby lobby, the regency mall, the avenues, the town center, river city, and last but not least walmart.. But we got some great deals and had tons of fun.. It was nice spending the day with my aunt and uncle. Carrie and Dixie came over that night to stay with me and keep me company, we had tons of girl talk and i enjoyed playing with baby dixie....

7 more days!! =(

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Amanda Faye said...

Funny... I have some weird obsession with I LOVE YOUS...I have to make sure that is the last words I say to Nick before I go to sleep or or go anywhere... For that same reason I know its weird but its gets me by .. lol xoxo