Monday, December 29, 2008

Enjoying our Rest & Relaxation

Happy Monday.. Firstly, we are having a great time. The weather is very nice, not to hot nor to cold. When I first walked into the house on Saturday I was amazed by it's beauty. It has the cutest little road that creeps up the driveway and then there it is, pure perfection. I have yet to have the chance to visit the mountain house since my grandparents bought it, and I can tell you it was not what I expected, at all. It is so beautiful, I will post pictures soon. When we got in and settled Saturday we went to town to get groceries and to get some dinner. The town was just to die for, small and big at the same time, surrounded by this beautiful lake, but the night air had taken away the sun, so i couldnt see all of it beauty. We went back to the house to relax and enjoy each other. We got up Sunday wondering what to do, now since we had never visited Hiawassee we knew where NOTHING was. We knew Helen, Ga was close by since we passed through it on the journey up so we decided to back track and go there since Michael had never been. I went when I was younger with my Aunt and Uncle. We had a great time in the little town. Like most tourists we visited random stores and shopped.. We did get a old timey picture take which is hilarious. :) Heres to the rest of the week spent makeing memories..

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