Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A limo, Are you kidding me?

So tonight was the night I asked my Uncle R and Aunt K to take me to see Christmas lights since Michael's not a big fan of riding around for no reason. Well to my suprise my Aunt Kathy had planned for a limo to pick us up at her house, not just regular limo, a WHITE DODGE CHARGE LIMO,, just like my car, haha!! Luckily Michael decided to join in on the fun and we had a blast. It was My aunt and unlce, Michael and I, Danielle and Myles, Danae and Justin.. Off we went to see all of the pretty light Fernandina had to offer. I had never been in a limo before and just couldn't get over all the pretty lights inside the car. We went to the island to the Ritz Carlton who had a huge life size gingerbread house in the shape of a ship.. It was soo cool.. I have pictures I will post soon.. It was most def. a memorable night. I am so lucky to have a Aunt and Uncle like them.. I love you guys!!

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