Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus

This morning I woke up, wishing I could still sleep, but it was time to head to Mommy's house. I must admit it still gets to me sometimes that I cant wake up to the smell of Mommy's breakfast and hear Good Morning Baby Girl. I sure do miss those days of ripping open the presents and spending the rest of the day being lazy with my bubba admiring our new toys until it was time to head to Meemaw's house. As Michael and I finally made it out of bed, I grabbed up all the presents and off we went. When we got to moms we ate breakfast,, Amazing Breakfast Pizza, Let me tell you its awesome, yummy, and easy to make. Then it was time to open presents. As always we took turns and admired the things we got each other. This year was special to me because I had got everyone in my family, well the girls, aprons with their names embroider on the front with matching initial pot holders. I wanted to give them something personalized and that's what I came up with! It was so exciting seeing the looks on everyones faces when they opened their special gifts. I reveived a awesome gift from my brother, it was a cd called Childbirth in the glory. It's about what the bible says on conception and childbirth. I can't wait to get started with it and see what all it has to say to my heart. He's so thoughtful. I am so lucky and blessed to have the husband and family I do. This was a wonderful christmas, and one of my best presents is going to the Mountains for a week with Michael. I am sooo excited.. Heres to reconnecting and falling in love many more times.. I love my man..

Happy Birthday Jesus, Thank you for everything you have done to save me. Thank you for caring because I am not deserving of your love. Thank you sweet Jesus....

Saturday I am off to the mountains.. I will miss yall!!

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