Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sharing my prayer with you

James 1:19 says, Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:
Take that in..
Ask God to touch your heart and let this words and verses take effect on your heart.
Repeat that verse a few times before moving on, really read it slow and take in every word of it.


God is saying be swift to hear,, MEANING: fast, rapid, quick, speedy to hear what is being said.

What does that really mean? How can it affect us in life? When our husband’s or co workers, or parents say something we do not want to hear, something that isn’t to our liking, or even criticism, instead of getting angry and saying something back we as CHRISTIAN'S should listen to what they say. We should take it in, and think about every word they say with out reacting.

Next, he say’s be Slow to speak. Which doesn’t mean making a smart comment back to someone, or arguing your side of the story, it means you have been swift to hear what that person say’s, you have thought about their statements, you have prayed about their statement, and NOW you are ready to speak.

Lastly, he say’s be slow to wrath. What does wrath mean you may ask? It means anger, rage, or fury. The Lord himself has said to be SLOW (unhurried, leisurely) to anger. He is saying do not react to someone’s comment, if it offends you do not get angry and argue or call names. You are to be slow to anger.

I believe that if we take time to listen to what someone is saying, instead of jumping to conclusions which we are all guilty of, a lot of argument’s or hasty feelings will not surface. We should look to our bible, our HOLY BIBLE, the ALIVE word of God, to see us through life’s trails. It’s our own living version of life for dummies.. **Wink**

To finish, another verse that has been imprinted into my heart this week is Psalms 119 Verse 165

“Great peace have they which love thy law: and NOTHING shall offend them.”

I place emphasis on the word NOTHING, as you will see later.

Let’s break this verse down…

Great peace- Great comfort, great harmony, great calm.

Have they which love thy law- thy commandment, thy rule, thy decree.

And NOTHING- the Lord said NOTHING, which means not anything, not anybody, and not any other.

Shall Offend them- Offend what does that truly mean, insult, upset, affront you.

So the Lord has clearly spoken and said, Great peace, Great comfort, have they which love thy law, they who love his commandment, his rules, his guidelines to life, and nothing he said, NOTHING under no circumstances shall offend or insult them.

We as Christian’s should not allow anyone to cause or deposit hate into our heart. Nothing anyone say’s will offend me according to the Lord, I will take mean words like a grain of salt, and it will mean NOTHING to me.

The word nothing is so powerful. It’s not black and white, it’s no where in the middle. It is what it is, NOTHING shall offend them.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with the understanding of your word today, I am covered with sin, and I have a sinful nature that I am trying to break free of, and with your scripture it has taught me to be quiet and listen. You patience is overwhelming my spirit. It is you Lord I long to be with, thank you for making me whole, Thank you for showing me the way, and most of all Thank you for loving me, You don’t have to, but you do. With every step I take and ever breath I breath you are there guiding me along the way. Your presence is what keeps me whole.


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