Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michael's Hunting Adventure

Sorry I am just now getting around to this.. As you know Michael went to Kansas and Oklahoma over Thanksgiving to hunt. He was gone a little over a week and had such a great time he wants to go back already, despite the 24 hour truck ride it took to get there. I can't even get the man to drive 45 minutes to the mall much less 24 hours, ha ha... What a man will do to get the big one.. Needless to say Michael's hunting adventure didn't turn out the best in the world.. He didn't get the big one he had hoped for.. But he was able to bring home a smaller buck and a doe.. Oh well.. Next time... Here are some pics for your viewing..

Have a good day..


PS: I didn't realize I left this out, the big deer with Michael, he didn't kill that a friend did..

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Jennifer said...

Doesn't look like a small buck to me.... men!