Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Off to Mommys is where I went....

So last night, haha.. I am such a baby! I was soo set on staying alone, so I ordered pizza cuddled up and watched one of my favorite shows, PRIVILEGED. Around 10 I decided to lay in bed and try to sleep, the room was dark, quiet and it just wasnt happening.. I tossed and turned, so I jumped up, grabbed my backpack, packed some things and off to Mommy's I went! It was much more cozy, and the best of all I wasnt alone.. I woke up to some yummy yummy blue berry pancakes... Ooh la la,, they were great!! I went to the Dr yesterday, I have Laryngitis and major ear infections,, luckily I am out of the contagious stage, so I can mingle with friends.. =)

Have a great week guys..

(something for me to remember, in a email from my brother to my mom, 12/2/08: "Well just so you know, your son and daughter love each other very much. Brittany's honestly my best friend.")

This is my brother and Josiah wearing our cold clothes on Thanksgiving.

I miss you Josh!!!

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